Power Prayer for Moving Forward

We speak the Spiritmuv Affirmations out loud — at least three times during one daily sitting of prayer and meditation, so that we may align our consciousness with the realization that the Kingdom of God is within, and that we live and move — not separately — but within the divine love of all that God is.
Use this reflection as a catalyst to affirm the goodness that is pouring, streaming, flowing into your life.



I shall not steal.
I will not steal.
I cannot steal.
I cannot take from others, nor can they take from me.
There is no separation between the love of God and all that I AM.

The Kingdom of God is always expressing through me,
always surrounding me,
always anointing me,
always uplifting me.

Nothing can destroy the Good that is always blessing me.
What appears to be taken is only restored.

I speak truth to power today.
I affirm the right words and am blessed with the right energy to uplift, heal, protect, and prosper.

I bless [Insert Name] today.

I see her surrounded by the love and grace of God.
She is anointed with success and endless, unlimited prosperity.
All that she needs, in the form of words, energy, conviction, faith, manifestation, divine ideas, and strength gird her up today.
She speaks truth to power and is blessed with good
that surpasses her greatest expectations.
She is guided by the love and wisdom and discernment of the Holy Spirit.
nothing and no one interferes with all that she is.
This week, she steps into her greatness,
and she never, ever looks back.

  No one can take the Love that is always protecting her.
No one can take the power
that is her God-given favor.
No one can take the Spirit that expresses as her soul.

All of our prayers are answered before she even asks.
Her dreams are accomplished.
Her goals are fulfilled.
Her needs are met.

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