Power Prayer for New Employment

Center yourself for a moment in the silence, breathing in and breathing out the divine presence, in which we live and move and have our being.
And allow yourself to turn on and tap into the love that is everywhere present, the success that is everywhere present, the healing and the joy that is everywhere present.
Feel the love of the Spirit anoint you with the peace, the wholeness, and the divine flow lifting you in the light of all you desire, all you long for, all that you are.

I AM One with the divine presence of God.

And in this oneness, there is nothing that I need.

God’s good,
God’s greatness,
God’s blessings anoint me with endless favor,
unlimited abundance,
inexhaustible supply,
and fantastic success.

Whenever someone does something that could be meant for evil,
I know that God means it for my highest good.

What looks like imperfection is merely perfection struggling to take place.

What appeared to be a misfortune is actually the power of God
awaiting my energy of faith.

Divine ideas give way to new opportunities for me this week.
I receive the job that I desire.
I receive the package that I desire.
I receive the bonus that I desire.
I receive the title that I desire.
I receive the money that I desire.
I receive the promotion that I desire.
I receive the new business that I desire.
I receive the direction, the discernment and the words that need.
No one and nothing can withhold my good from me.

Everything is in perfect, divine order.

I speak truth to power by affirming my good,
and I move out of the way,
I let go and let God
to allow it to take shape.

God is my stimulus package and the infinite possibilities of Spirit
fill my life with the miracle of divine law
manifesting all of my goals, wishes, dreams, and desires.

Whatever I ask for I receive because I believe it!

Copyright 2009 by Cecilia Loving
Spiritual Leader of SPIRITMUV
(www.spiritmuv.com) and Author of Prayers for Those Standing on the Edge of Greatness (www.prayersontheedge.com).
SPIRITMUV SERVICES ARE EACH SUNDAY, AT 2:30 PM, at the Unity Center of New York City, located at 213 West 58th Street between 7th Avenue and Broadway.

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