Power Prayer for Absolute Good

Center yourself in the now moment.
Breathe in and breathe out the divine presence.
Realize that now is the only moment that there is.
Feel yourself living and moving and having your being in the now.
Know that God is in the now.
Love is in the now.
Peace is in the now.
Joy is in the now.
Feel the calmness from the air that we breathe
and the space that we take up.
And let us join together in our Power Prayer for the Absolute Good
— dedicated to Sara.

In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus says
the Kingdom of God is inside you, and it is outside you.

Whatever it is that we seek from God is already within us.
Whatever it is that we desire, God has already given us.
All we have to do is ask, and God’s Absolute Good will be revealed.

We don’t need to know the particulars.
We don’t need to know the names or the places or the circumstances
of how our good will manifest so swiftly that it will nearly knock us over.
We don’t need to know who or how or where it will come from.
We can just trust that the Kingdom is here.

Jesus said “One who seeks will find.
For one who knocks it will be opened.”

The answer is God.
The good that we need is God.
When we pray, there is no need to ask for anything other than God.
God is the prize.
God is the remedy.
God is the cure.
God is the solution.
God is the idea.
God is the pure inexhaustible source.
God is the love that keeps giving.
God is the revealed word.
The long-awaited treasure.
The Absolute Good that you have long-awaited.
Jesus said Know what is in front of your face,
and what is hidden from you will be disclosed.

There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.

Open your heart to receive the good that is right in your face.

Jesus said that no one will announce the Kingdom,
saying here it is or there it is.
The Father’s Kingdom of Absolute Good is spread out on the earth.
Open your eyes and see it.

Open your heart to receive the good that is right in front of your face.

The success that you need is there.
The hope that you need is there.
The plan that you need is there.
The solution that you need is there.

Open your heart to receive the good that is already here.

The mountain that you told to move
has already surrendered.
The faith that you likened to a grain of seed has already blossomed.
The future that you longed to pray for have already been anointed with Absolute Good.

Like those fishermen in Jesus’ time, cast your net to the right side
and find your nets of full of Absolute Good.

Look over the waters of your trepidation and your dread and your fear.
Jesus is calling you to walk across the sea of Absolute Good.

Take one step ever so easily.
As Isaiah said, God will help you.
You will not be disgraced.
Set your face like flint.
Even in the dark, your light will shine like Absolute Good
and it will form ground under your feet.

Whatever you seek has already found you.
Whatever you desire has already been given you.
Whatever you plant has already blossomed as you.
Whatever you have given is still giving through you.
And so it is, and so be it.

Copyright 2009 by Cecilia Loving
Spiritual Leader of SPIRITMUV (
www.spiritmuv.com) and Author of Prayers for Those Standing on the Edge of Greatness (www.prayersontheedge.com).
SPIRITMUV SERVICES ARE EACH SUNDAY, AT 2:30 PM, at the Unity Center of New York City, located at 213 West 58th Street between 7th Avenue and Broadway.

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  1. Thanks for this power prayer.
    May God guide you always in wisdom and spiritual understanding

    Blesses to all

  2. Know that you are always surrounded by absolute good. All you have to do to receive it is acknowledge it.

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