God will see you through every dilemma.
God will see you through every disease.
God will see you through every challenge.
God will see you through every storm.
God will see you over every mountain.
God will see you cross every bridge of seemingly impossible feat and blow your mind by showing you that no matter what it is, or where it is, or how it presents itself, God can handle it.

God will put the right people on your path.
God will open the right doors to your opportunity.
God will fashion a way out of no way – and guide you when it seems like there’s no escape.

God will pull you up over obstacles
and put you in the most advantageous place to reach your point of destination
even though you thought that you were stuck in place.

God will relieve every tension.
God will fight every battle.
God will smooth the rough spots,
and just when you thought that you were hanging in the balance,
just when you thought that you didn’t have a chance,
just when you were ready to throw in the towel,
just when the bank was empty, just when the funds were exhausted,
just when the money was dried up, just when the cupboard was bare, just when the ends couldn’t meet, when possibility seemed like impossibility, when hope seemed hopeless, when prayer could barely form on your lips, just when the store was closed, the job was filled, the opportunity was lost, the love was gone, the storm was approaching, and you were running for cover – but no matter where you looked – it seemed as though there was nothing left, no place to hide, no one to turn to – but God – that energy, that force, that power, that supply, that manna, that good, that infinite, endless  source was there — is here — to bless you like you’ve never been blessed before.

God will see you through – when you feel as though the perfect thing that you wanted, the destiny that was awaiting you, the fate in whose direction you were headed was right within your grasp, but when you moved forward you just didn’t have the wherewithal to reach it.

God is that extra inch that you need.

God is that little bit more, that extra push, that divine idea, that hard decision, that unpredicted direction, that startling epiphany, that unforeseen luck, that good Samaritan, that unexpected hand, that magnificent angel, that amazing miracle that is going to pluck what you needed and place it in the palm of your hand.

God will answer all of your questions.
God will bless all of your dreams.
God will grant all of your wishes.
God will give you the recipe for anything that you need to cook up, and God will make sure that it comes out finger-licking good.
God will take you out of the boxthat you have put yourself in
– the box that says I can’t get a mate;
the box that says I can’t pass the exam;
the box that says I can’t build a house; the box that says I can’t lose the weight; the box that says I can’t buy the car; the box that says I keep making the same mistakes; the box that says I can’t heal my body; the box that says kick the habit; the box that says I’m loser because I’ve lost before.

God will pull us out of our cozy, soft, warm, delicious, inviting, enticing comfort zones – and take us to the edge,
and God will not merely push us over.   In seeing us through, God kick us out of our mediocrity; out of our norms; out of our pity-parties; out of old stories; out of wineskins that are tattered and torn;  out of the closets of the past — and bring us to that moment where we must leap in order to learn that we can flyGod will teach us that we have wings.  And the moment, the very moment that we fall, we begin to take flight, and realize that we can soar.

No matter how dire the situation, no matter how bleak the prospects, no matter how violent the storm, no matter how treacherous the sea, no matter how much the boat rocks, no matter what the appearances are, God will see us through –
because you see, the question is not what God will do,
the question is what will we do through God?
Will we be content to bask in the glow of struggle
Will we be content to sit on the hands of change?
Will we be content lie by the pool of Bethesda?
When we are standing in the crowd – and all we have to do is reach out and touch the hem of Jesus’ garment, will we be content to stand there do nothing?

The question is what are we going to do through God?
Are we going to stand around babbling like pagans?
Are we going to refuse to go into our secret place and tap into the Kingdom within?
Are we going to be afraid to walk the water?
Are we going to fall asleep when Jesus says stay awake?
Are we going to listen when God says, I know it’s just a rock but I need you to throw it – to knock that giant out?  Are we going to second-guess a Universe that tells us we can say to a rock bring forth – and water will pour?
Or say to a rod “turn into a snake”?
Or tell the sea to part so that we can cross?
Are we going to judge by the appearances of things?
Or are we going to let the dead bury the dead?
And kick the dust from our heels?
And leave the far country?
And come home – really be at home in the truth – that we are not merely on the verge of something magnificent,
we are magnificent.
We are mighty.
We are marvelous.
We are our most fantastic dreams and our most amazing desires for one simple reason:

There is a Truth,
There is a Love,
There is a Universe,
There is a Divine Mind,
There is a God expressing as us – that is just waiting
to see us through.

Cecilia B. Loving is Pastor of SPIRITMUV, which holds its services each Sunday, at 2:30 PM, at the Unity Center of NYC, 213 West 58th Street.


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