I was watching a movie last night called HappyThankYouMorePlease.  It was entitled HappyThankYouMorePlease because one of the characters was riding in a NYC cab when the driver – who was from India – told her that the key to life is happiness — but the problem is that we fail to experience happiness or bliss because we don’t allow it in.  We don’t look at life – at what we experience, at what and who we touch and taste and hear – what we listen to – what we create or imagine or become – and say “thank you.”

How often should you say thank you?,” the cab driver was asked.

“Just keep saying it – to everything and everyone,” he answered.  In fact, just keep telling life “thank you, more please.”

Just imagine what would happen if we woke up and looked at everything around us – all of things and the people who give joy and excitement and happiness and we just kept saying “Thank you more please.”

We would begin the process of sowing what we never believed we could reap.  We would move beyond our crazy worries and fears.  We would celebrate life in a completely different way.

We would stop being upset by foolishness.  We would appreciate things like light and air and trees and sky and flowers and birds and pillows and ice cream and barbeque and fourth of July and fireworks – and we would look at it all with our hearts instead of our minds – with our souls instead of intellect – and say “thank you more please.”

Thank you more please is like a switch that cuts on the light in us – a light that radiates throughout the universe to attract more and more and more happiness until it piles up like sheer bliss – like a child coloring with crayons  or poetry completing itself or a twist that keeps dancing or a rapper free-styling or a note blowing without stopping or a concert singing endlessly or a cruise sailing beyond the mainland or a vacation resting on the shore or  a beach just lying by the ocean.

Thank you . . . more please.  You see, true liberation is the realization that this moment is our life – this instant is our chance – the only chance that we have – the only chance that we can testify about – be  happy about – rise to the occasion in – celebrate, sing, deliver, create, pray, grow and be grateful, really grateful in.

You see, the people who created words like famine or recession or depression or suffering or pain didn’t realize –  didn’t get the memo that we each have in us the ability to do what God told Isaac to do in Genesis 26 — God told Isaac don’t even to go to those places where there is famine, where the economy is in jeopardy, where prosperity has receded, where people are living a life of fear and holding on to every grain of rice or kernel of corn – as though the universe could never produce more, where fear cries out in misery — begging and cajoling and running rampant.

And here’s what God said:  God said “live in the land where I tell you to live . . . and when you do beloved, I will be with you and will bless you.”

Is the Bible really talking about a land – a place?

The scripture says that God said don’t go down to Egypt but stay in Gerar.  Egypt, you see, represents fleshly, material thoughts – God was saying rise above what you see in the physical and stay tapped into and turned onto to me.  Gerar is that place in consciousness where happiness, prosperity – joy lies – not in having stuff but in being One with God.

In Hebrew, Gerar means encampment, a lodging or a holding place. Metaphysically, it means spiritual substance or light.  Stay in a consciousness of reaping your good – – rather than in a consciousness of darkness and despair.  Whatever is governed by flesh can be destroyed by flesh.

Stay in a consciousness of promise rather than denial.

Stay in the consciousness that will lead you to the promised land; that will take you through the Red Sea; that will lead you over the River Jordan; that will help you  walk the water; that will pull you from your mat of affliction; that will turn ordinary fish and bread into manna that will feed the masses.

Stay in a consciousness that will venture beyond the  evidence of things seen and trust in the good that is always there and sow seeds of happiness by telling the Universe four simple words: Thank You – More Please.

Do you understand what I’m saying?

I’m talking about a joy without boundaries – a space  where we stop being trifling — and really let God in.

This, you see, is an affirmation, a message of truth, a prayer and a prophecy that has no fear. 

Thank You – More Please is what Proverbs 11 talks about it, when it says that “A wicked person earns deceptive wages, but the one who sows righteousness reaps a sure reward.”

But how you ask, how does one sow righteousness?  You see, we think that our minimum requirement is simply not to be wicked or to be mean or to be demonic but life requires so much more than that.

Life demands that we discard that part of us that is resistant to the goodness of God – that we show our love by not just accepting but by being God’s unconditional love.  It demands we release that part of us that is rigid and untrusting and unwilling to shine as God’s divine idea – and plant seeds of joy, roots of deliverance, stems of Halleluljahs and shouts of Amens throughout the Universe.

The Book of John, the 4th Chapter, reminds us that sowing is consciousness when Jesus says “I sent you to reap what you have not worked for.  Others have done the hard work, and you have reaped the benefits of their labor.”

He is teaching us that God’s good is here for us, as long as we sow it – which is another way of saying – as long as we allow it in – as long as we keep saying Thank You More Please.

Thank you: I am grateful for the eternal flow and inexhaustible supply of the universe.

Thank you: I am grateful that I am never separated from God.

Thank you: I am grateful to be a part of the eternal process of giving.

Thank you: I am grateful to flow with the loving consciousness of life.

More Please:  I’m not going to stop sowing.

More Please:  I’m not going to try to hold onto every passing experience and clinch it so tight that I drain the life out of it; I’m going to realize God’s good in infinite ways.

More Please:  I’m going to open my heart and my soul and my mind – to claim the abundance, the harvest of new light – of divine ideas, the good stored up – that is just waiting for me to liberate it right now.

I am here – not just to taste a little bit of life but to chew a whole mouthful of manna – and spit the bones out – to bask in the glow God’s Good, to scream from the rooftops – What are you waiting
for?  You can reap what you sow right now. 
You can claim God’s good in every breath that you take – without worrying about what someone else has – but by celebrating and applauding them, and saying Thank You More Please.  If there is something that you are happy about, I want you to shout it out – and we will join you by saying Thank you – more please.  The Kingdom is ours.  More Please.
Thank you.  Everything that I need is already here.  All I have to do is acknowledge it.  Life knows what I have need of before I even ask.  Divine Order is here.  Thank you. More Please.  Love is here.  Thank you.  More please.  Money is here.  Thank you more please.  Perfect health is here.  Thank you.  More please.  Spiritmuv is here. 

Thank you.  More please. 

Thank you.  More please. 

Thank you.  More please. 

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