me 4When we read the book of Genesis, we gloss over one of its most important points – that we were created in the Spirit.  We were first made in God‘s image and likeness.  We are spiritual beings – not mere flesh and bones.  This means that not only is the Kingdom of Heaven in us, but we are inseparable from it.  Spirit surrounded us and protected us from every vibration that did not contribute to our perfect health, wholeness and abundance.  We asked and received – seeing ourselves rightly – as God sees us.

kingdom 11

We said LET THERE BE LIGHT, and the guidance that we needed appeared.

amazing 5

We said THERE BE A FIRMAMENT IN THE MIDST OF THE WATERS, and we knew that GOD IS NOT A POWER – GOD IS POWER.  As God’s heirs, we can do anything BUT FAIL.amazing
We said LET THE DRY LAND APPEAR, and everything that we wanted to manifest came into being.


We said LET THERE BE TWO GREAT LIGHTS and knew that we had the moon of will and the sun of understanding.  We were willing to do what we knew had to be done; and knowing what had to be done, we were willing to do it.

infinity 5

We said LET THE WATERS SWARM WITH LIVING CREATURES – the divine ideas that swarm in unceasing abundance.  The unlimited ideas of the universe blessed us.

me 7

We knew that we were made in God’s IMAGE, AFTER God’s LIKENESS and therefore had no need to try to beg and cajole God to do for us what we are blessed to do for ourselves.


We rested: we stopped trying and just allowed ourselves to be the fullness and the all-ness of Spirit.

garden 10

We loved the Garden of Eden – that sacred consciousness of the infinite possibilities of growth.

summer 14

Our thoughts enjoyed the Garden through our Adam or intellectual consciousness; our feelings were exhilarated in the Garden through our Eve nature.  We were tempted by the snake or sense consciousness.  And finally, we had skin and began the process of spiritual evolution (see Genesis 3:21).  The lesson is clear: we fall when we fail to remember the source of life, which is Spirit.  In the Spirit, we are one; there is no good and evil, which is the duality of consciousness.

loving the most 7

Thought and feeling, alone, leaving the center of Spirit – give birth to selfishness and self-destruction.  As long as we dwell in a material, fleshly consciousness, that is the consciousness of Cain, we will be condemned to wander in that state of mind.  It is not until we embrace our brother, embrace love, embrace absolute good (rather than good and evil) that we become brand new.  And when does this happen?  It happens every time we are confronted by someone we envy; every time we are in a consciousness of limitation.  If Cain said I love my brother, his life would have been completely different.

waves 5

In Noah, we realize that we have the courage to find God within and to cleanse ourselves of everything that is not of God so that we can start anew.  We can renew our Spirit in an instant, or as long as it takes. When we have attained a new and high state of consciousness, we begin to doubt its stability; this is symbolized by the raven. Sending forth the dove is peace of mind and confidence – nonresistance.  The olive leaf is the symbol of new growth.

Holy Spirit

The scripture tells us that Noah built an altar: an altar is a covenant to worship the consciousness of oneness with God.  The rainbow is a sign of God’s covenant with us connecting heaven and earth – reminding us that perfect obedience and unity in Spirit brings earth and heaven together as one.

good 8

The Tower of Babel reminds us that a house based on materialism will result in chaos and confusion and will fall.

bible 5

The journey through the Bible is the passage of the natural man evolving into the spiritual man: a consciousness of the pure potential of power that we are.  It is a journey that teaches us to see ourselves as God sees us – powerful enough, loving enough, magnificent enough to do things greater than we could ever imagine.

bible 6

Join us on our journey every Sunday at 2:30 P.M.  This Sunday, we will be studying Genesis 12-15: the call of Abram.


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