POWER OF LOVE PT. II (Exodus 13-18)

Rev. Loving continued a metaphysical journey through EXODUS 13-18, on February 16, 2014, realizing that liberation is not only about our bodies, it is also about our spirit.

“Love is in our veins, in the ethers, in every atom of our planet, in every particle of the universe — always blessing us, and restoring us, and liberating us — even if there is resistance — like worry and fear.
Our resistance to change is just a part of life loving us so that we can learn that God’s image and likeness expresses as us:

As long as we put love first
• Love will give us the divine ideas that we need.
• Love will guide us through every difficulty.
• Love will protect us no matter what the circumstance.
• Love will prosper us even in the wilderness.
• Love’s substance is unlimited.
• Unlimited substance provides unconditional patience”.

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