WHO IS DINAH? (Genesis 34)

The journey continues in GENESIS 34, when on January 5, 2014, Rev. Loving shared a new witness of Dinah.

“We cannot and will not gloss over Dinah’s story because it is imperative that we hear her voice as our own — not ’cause we are women but because we are always speaking as God’s voice but we fail to listen.
What am I talking about?

Dinah, as Liz shared with us, was the daughter of Jacob, who went to the Canaanite city of Shechem, and ‘When Shechem the son of Hamor the Hivite, prince of the region, saw her, the Bible says that he raped her. And of course, all 12 brothers were outraged — and in order to make peace, Shechem’s father, Hamor, then proposes a marriage between the families, because now Shechem wants to make Dinah his wife. Dinah’s brothers agree but insist that, if the men of Canaan want to lie with and marry Hebrew women, they must all be circumcised. The Canaanite men agree, but as they are healing from the circumcision, the brothers entered the city and ‘kill all the males, take their flocks, herds, wealth, children, and their wives.
To me one of the most important things about this story is not the atrocious acts being performed on both sides — because of lust, because of greed, because of power, because of rage, because of revenge, because of shame, but what is not being said.

Because the question raised by all is What does Dinah say through all of this?

Nothing. Nothing.

She is not given a voice.. . .”

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