risen 2The Bible teaches us in the book of Acts, Chapter 1, Verse 1, that after Jesus was crucified, he was resurrected.  He appeared over a period of forty days to his apostles.  During that period, he spoke about the Kingdom of God.  It was during this time that Jesus told his apostles not to leave Jerusalem but to wait to be baptized with the Holy Spirit.

We know from the book of John, in Chapter 14, that Jesus promised that another counselor would be sent after he was gone.  Jesus called this counselor the Spirit everyoneof Truth, the One that the world would not see with the physical eye but who would live with you and would be in you.  Jesus called this counselor within us the Holy Spirit.

Later, in the book of Acts, when Jesus came back – after the crucifixion, when he was resurrected, Jesus was even more explicit, he said that we would receive power.

Right in the Bible, in Acts, Chapter 1, Verse 8, it says that “you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you” (NIV).

onenessNow, the Bible teaches us that on the day of Pentecost, folks from every nation gathered, and they were so filled with the Holy Spirit, that they began speaking in tongues.  We focus on the fact that these tongues of fire symbolize the universal voice of God calling all humanity to fulfill God’s divine appointment.

But we seem to forget what Jesus said, that on this day of Pentecost, that the Holy Spirit would not just bring enlightenment but the Holy Spirit would instill POWER.

The Bible doesn’t say if you want power ask God for it – or better yet, go to God so God can be power for you.  It doesn’t say beg God, implore God, plead with God, cry out to God for power.bible 8

In Second Timothy, Chapter 1, Verse 7,  Paul says that “God did not give us a spirit of timidity or fear; BUT A SPIRIT OF POWER….”

God has given us power.

risne 6 The question for this holiday weekend is not merely how much we can enjoy the time with our loved ones — or even how much we used to spend time with those who have gone on, but how well we can embrace the resurrecting power within us.

We have the power to create our own reality through the consciousness that Jesus blessed us with.  We have the power to heal, the power to walk the waters, the power to multiply supply, the power to raise the dead.

Jesus taught us that we are Source in a physical body – a Spirit far greater than physical form.

The Source within us says we are loved unconditionally, that no one and nothing has the power to deprive us of anything, and that all of our power is in the here and now.

We are resurrected in Christ consciousness when we center in the Source of all there is through the silence.  In silence, we don’t limit ourselves with the thoughtsstill of our human nature; we move beyond words and thoughts to experience the essence of Spirit.  In the silence, there is Oneness.  In the silence, we are centered in God’s grace.

In God’s grace, we are lifted above the flesh and the material.  We realize that we have the ability to choose our thoughts and co-create our circumstances.

powerRight now, in this very instance, I can change my life.  I can change my experiences.  I can change my relationships.  I can change the way I think about myself.  I can change the way I think about others.

Resurrecting power knows that the power of our choice is the true salvation.  We don’t need God to forgive us; God loves us no matter what.  We need to forgive ourselves.

We need to decide what we want to experience in our lives.  Whatever it is we want, it is done.  Whatever we ask for, it is done.   Whatever it is that we think is really huge and seemingly impossible, it is done.

Resurrecting power knows there is no limit to the good that we can receive.

We are extraordinary beings and our extraordinary lives come simply from allowing God to bless us. risen 3

We have the Power.

The Kingdom is ours.

We are heirs to the throne.


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