PROSPERITY PART 3 — The Law of Oneness by Marlon E. Cromwell

PRAYER TWOWe all share the same God regardless of what we call our religion.  We all share the same consciousness of love, the same charge of joyful humility and selfless service.   This oneness is inherent in all spiritual traditions.  Thus, the third principal of prosperity is the Law of Oneness: everything emanating from one source. This oneness or CREATOR 2source from which everything emanates is an eternal and unchanging field of intelligence underlying  everything and permeating the whole creation.


lao 2In Taoism, the Law of Oneness is known as the concept of Tao.  Taoism is a Chinese philosophy based on the writings of Lao-tzu (6th century BC), advocating humility and religious piety. Taoism emphasizes the inner union with nature or oneness.

In her book Buffalo Woman Comes Singing, Brooke Medicine Eagle indicates that we all come from one Spirit and thus must remain united with all things and all beings.brooke 2  Oneness of all relations represents the full Circle of Sacred Life, which includes not only two-legged relatives of all color and persuasions but also creatures with four legs, wings, fins, branches, minerals, stones, and even stars.

Oneness includes those who are present in the physical realm, ancestors who have gone beyond, as well as children of generations to come. Everything, both known and unknown, is included in oneness, wholeness and holiness.

brookeAs Brooke Medicine Eagle says “whatever we do to any other thing in the great web of life, we do to ourselves, for we are one.”

I am one with the barking dog, and when I tell him “I see you,” he calms down.

I am one with the grazing deer, and I slow down in my car long before I see them.  The deer looks at me as though we are connected and struts across the road.  It is as if he is saying I am here, I am crossing, be aware of me.

I am one with the vultures who I see lining the trees in South Africa, waiting to dine on a fallen giraffe.  All of the animals slowly take their turn, feeding on the flesh to enhance PEACE 5its decomposition.  They teach me the peace in being patient.

As Deepak Chopra says the “source of all creation is pure potentiality seeking expression from the un-manifest to the manifest,” an energy of pure potentiality always PEACEwaiting to be activated.  When we know who we really are, we realize that everything is possible.

When we realize that we are one with God, we know that we are only limited by ourselves.

Jesus says, “If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. . . .No man or woman can serve two masters”(Matthew 6:22-24).  Our eyes must be singled in oneness.  Oneness is the realization that there are not two powers – good and evil – but God is the only power there is.  You cannot serve to masters.  With a single eye, we see beyond poverty, illness and other challenges to the absolute goodness of Spirit.

As  Emily Cady said, “Lookin’ at God with one eye and this evil with the other is bein’ double-eyed, and God told me to keep my eye single.”  Cady, who had never heard of any science, or eye 2metaphysical teaching, or laws of mind, overcame all of her struggles by positively refusing to have anything but a single eye.

eye 14When we live with an attitude of oneness, we suspend our belief in opposites and reactivate our awareness of unity with all of God’s creation.  We can see ourselves in everyone that we encounter – no longer seeing them as separate or different but as an extension of ourselves.  This is what Lao-tzu calls our primal virtue, a consciousness of complete surrender – complete detachment from ego-dominated thoughts.

When we release our attachment to possessions, we free ourselves to enjoy the fullness of the universe.

We enjoy what we do and all that flows into our lives simply for the pure pleasure of living.

Nothing can be more prosperous than being in the flow of the fullness of life.

Nothing gives us more than the source of oneness from which we all flow.

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