PROSPERITY PART 4 – The Law of Organization

28 - Copy - CopyWe have been focusing on the spiritual laws of prosperity: the laws of overcoming, ownership, oneness, organization, obedience, operation, opportunity, order, offering, and 10opulence.

Part 4, the spiritual law of organization, makes us realize that organization is not limited to the lists of goals that we make for ourselves but is fundamental to the plan of greater good that evolves through us. We look to Genesis for the story of creation but we fail to realize that Genesis is really teaching us that we are co-creators of God.  Genesis provides us with a blueprint of God’s divine law of organization for the co-creation of abundance in our lives.

1 - Copy - CopyGOD DIDN’T JUST CREATE A WORLD IN SEVEN DAYS AND STOP.  God continues to create through us, and our lives: the decisions that we make, the paths that we take and the doors that we choose to walk through.  The Law of Organization teaches us that we are the divine plan of God expressing through us in awesome organizing power.50

Organizing factor 1: In Genesis 1:26, God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness.”

God is not limited to a race or a sex or a physical attribute.  We look like God – so what does that look like?  Absolute Good – Infinite Possibility – Endless Potential.  We are the God we seek.  We are as unlimited as Spirit.  We are as powerful as Spirit.  We have the universe at our fingertips.  When we know that, getting organized as temples of God is as easy as breathing.  I AM.

103Organizing factor 2: God said, “let there be light.”

We demonstrate divine organization in our lives when we put the light of God first.

How do we do that, you ask?  We meditate first – upon waking, before eating, before driving, before exercising.  We center in the illuminating power of Spirit.11

When we organize our lives so that we put God first, we receive something that is so overwhelmingly good, it is better than anything in the fleshly realm.  We receive the guidance of divine organization — synchronicity, things falling into place.  We may not see the big picture, but with God we cannot fail.

How do we meditate?  We just slow down and be still, and listen.  (See http://www.spiritmuv, for free daily meditations.)  When we meditate — when we get still and know that we are God, we operate the divine law of organization.

66Things may not unfold as we planned, but they will unfold according to God’s greater plan of good for us.

If we’re in relationships, and jobs, and situations that don’t work out, we must move forward — knowing that it’s just because God has something better in store for us.  But we have to listen to God daily and follow God’s divine guidance in order to realize the true light.

Organizing factor 3: God said, let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters.

This is the faith that is so strong that it prevails against whatever obstacles present themselves.  This is a faith that reminds us to be true to ourselves by listening to what Spirit tells us to do.amazing 3

I remember seeing the Bible movie in Detroit, at the age of 8 or 9; and the thing that I always said to myself since then is that I wanted to be like Noah – who listened to what God told him to do, planned his course according to God’s vision and was disciplined in organizing the details because he did not care what others thought.

christ8Divine organization teaches us to judge not by appearances but by what God tells us to do.  When we do, our good takes shape out of thin air.  We call them miracles, but the truth is they manifest through the divine law of absolute good for us.  I AM THAT I AM is our birth right.  All we have to do is raise our consciousness to the awareness of God’s good awaiting to unfold whatever we co-create, and it appears.

Organizing factor 4: God said: “Let the dry land appear.”

This scripture is the evolution of Spirit giving shape to divine ideas.  These ideas have infinite capacity to express themselves through the power of unlimited good.  God’s good is so great that it supports our dreams long before they take shape in the physical.

Job teaches us that God does the work that God appoints us to do in 23:14.  We look for something to be difficult, but Spirit organizes it so that it’s easy.

Letting the dry land appear is the spiritual blueprint for our blessings.  We acknowledge that they are here and begin planting the seeds for the harvest.

Organizing factor 5: God said, and let there be two great lights.

What better organization can there be but to have two great lights – one when we awaken, giving us the sunshine love 51of energy and will and substance, and one when we retire, giving us the wisdom of understanding and power and strength.

We don’t need to know the details — the hows and the whys of how our good will take shape because Spirit reveals what we need to know when we need to know it when we arise in God’s wisdom and when we rest in God’s will.

week 4 3Organizing factor 6: God said “let the waters swarm with living creatures.” 

It is good to never be afraid of confusion and chaos.  We can laugh at it, marvel at it, grow in it.  We think our good is coming from a particular channel, but then it shows up in unexpected places.  Doubts show up, but doubts are our greatest blessings.  They teach us to trust.  Fear shows up, but fear is a gift too because it teaches us to love.  When there is harmony, even fights bless us by teaching us to forgive.

God’s organization requires that we move beyond judgment and blame; that we stop playing the victim; that we forgive ourselves and be our best.  Someone once said the past is a thief, the future is unknown, and today is a gift.

Organizing factor 7: God said, let me make man in our own image and likeness – and made them – male and female.infinity

When I was younger I used to think that anything over 40 was old, but now I see 55 as young.  Fifty-five is when you already know that being your best isn’t about you at all, it’s about how God expresses through you.  God expresses through us as we are God’s temples — the male and female energy of us.  The male aspect of our consciousness gives us the strength of intellect and the female aspect of who we are gives us loving energy of co-creative grace.  God’s grace and favor expressing through us is ageless and gender-less as we are all of God’s good.  This energy of oneness makes us receptive to the fullest expression of God organizing every aspect of infinite expression in our lives.  We conceive; we gestate; we give birth to unlimited ideas through the organizing power of the universe.

open2 Blessing others is about God planting and harvesting your divine ideas so that you can bless other people as one.

Organizing factor 8: And finally, God rested.

One of the things that I am most appreciative about realizing that God is completion is that once I have used the divine power of organization and accomplished my work, God’s work is taking place without any input from me.  God does the work that God appoints me to do.  God moves as unseen energy, blessing us and others through us.

Like God after the six days of creation,  we can rest in knowing that our desired manifestation of good is already taking place.

Our good is here.fourteen







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