thanks 64During these last forty days of the year, we are focusing on the manifestation of God’s good expressing as us.

We began 2014 with dreams of accomplishing our deepest desires.  As the months passed more quickly than we anticipated, we often got so caught up in the momentum of daily distractions that we failed to do some of the work that Spirit called us tothanks 61 do.  Now is the time to re-center ourselves in God’s divine opportunity.

Now is the time to reclaim the good that God has appointed us to do.

How will we do to work that God appoints us to do?

thanks 31As Job 23:14 instructs us, we must move out of the way and let God do the work.

By centering in the divine breath of life, by realizing the infinite power of Spirit and the power of its grace, we receive the blessing of absolute good that is not limited by this world.  While “the world” stuffs itself with turkey or fills its bags with stuff, we can slow down and re-commit ourselves to the truth that we are here to do greater things.thanks 40

This is our season to pray without ceasing – not simply for the birth of Jesus but for the power of his ministry in us.

In John 12:23, Jesus says “[t]he hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.”

thanks 25Today, this glory is in us, and we can claim it regardless of religion, culture or creed by listening, hearing and being obedient to Spirit.  We want to see God’s good manifest but fail to realize that we are the living vessels through which God’s abundance flows.

The hour has come means we are here at this appointed time to be the living, breathing manifestation of absolute good: a good that blesses all who will be still and know that Christ in us is our glory.

Forty days of prayer and focus on manifesting Christ in us as our glory allows us to transcend a holiday of over-indulgence in the flesh and stay centered in the Spirit by using each day to become restored in the image and likeness in which we were made.thanks 14

On the first day, we stopped wasting time and glorified God in every aspect of our being – mind, body and soul.

thanks 41We glorified God in every ray of cosmic energy and every divine vibration that radiates from us.

We glorified God in every venture, every opportunity, every dream, every goal, and every success.

On the second day, we allowed our valleys to bless us, realizing that every challenge is manna – spiritual sustenance that helps us grow.

This is the dreaded season of darkness for many of us, but God’s good takes root and grows in the dark places, a powerful energy that cultivates seeds for lasting growth.

On the third day, we committed ourselves to giving ourselves fully and completely to Spirit – by putting God first in all that we do.

Jesus says seek first the kingdom of God and all else will be added (Matthew 6:33). thanks 10

This means that we have to give ourselves to God 100%, realizing that God is the only source, the only power, the only truth, the only wisdom, the only love that there is.

Only with full commitment can we pray boldly and courageously, without ceasing.

On the fourth day, we shined our lights – not with ego, pride or conceit but with humility, poise and peace, realizing that God’s radiance is not just for us but to bless thanks 23every other being in the universe.

God’s good shines through us.

God’s manifestation requires us to stop hiding God’s light under a bushel and share it with all.thanks 5

On the fifth day, we manifested God’s love through every aspect of our being.  This is the new commandment that Jesus taught: to love one another.  The beautiful truth about manifesting God’s good is that it starts by giving.  God’s love blessing others through us is one of the most important aspects of Jesus’ ministry.

No gift was too great to give – not even his whole life.  Our love is the greatest manifestation of God that we can make.

On the sixth day, Thanksgiving, we give thanks for the unlimited flow of God’s good. 

God never stops cooking, cleaning, anointing, pouring, fastening, fixing and demonstrating our good.

thanks 6We breathe in thanks and breathe out giving.

The eternal flow of life is complete with thanks and giving.

Praise is the opening to the flow of abundance.  Giving is the highest level of God’s good giving way to us.

Our thanks-giving consciousness manifests God’s endless breath giving way to divine ideas without ceasing.


The next post will cover Days 7 through 12 of our 40 Days of Manifestation. 

We are grateful to witness our good, God’s good, take shape.


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  1. Thank you.. i wish i could tell you how this has helped me.. how i prayed last night and asked for this and received it at 1 am in the morning.. how i have been through too many.. sooo many trials and tribulations no human should experience.. that were out of my control.. that now is my new beginning.. now is my time of rebirth.. resurrection from the dead past… i am live to the new life God.. Holy Spirit is breathing within me Now…my God where is all this beautiful love coming from.. thank you for blessing me.. amen
    and thank you also for you meditations.. affirmations…and love energy…

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