6The thing that makes many of us cynical about resolutions is that we so rarely have the fortitude, discipline or even the memory to keep them.  I’ve written that we have to keep re-visiting them.  Otherwise, by the time we reach February, they become a distant blur.  I tried to resist the urge to resolve anything for 2015, but that’s almost like ignoring the countdown to8 the New Year.  Who does that?  We have an open invitation to celebrate the year by recognizing new opportunities, so I choose to use the energy of this season to resolve.  Resolutions, however, should be free from guilt, worry and doubt by just being “no-fault.”

No-fault is a legal term that basically means when “stuff happens,” no one is to blame.  There are no-fault divorces, in which neither spouse has to prove fault on the part of the other spouse to get a divorce.  And there are no fault insurance laws, which generally protect or indemnify insureds for losses regardless of who is at fault.  No fault also works well 14for the New Year by inspiring us to look deeply at ourselves, to agree to be our best, and to liberate ourselves from any requirement as to what form or shape our “best” will take.  The blessing is in the divine idea of the resolution itself.

How liberating it is to walk into the New Year unencumbered by mistakes or regret.  How great it is to know that the truth that sets16 us free is being one with now.  The truth is that we are one with absolute good right now – good that is always expressing in, as and through us.  The truth is that the pure consciousness of God radiates through every cell of our body, awareness of our mind and expansion of our soul.  The truth is that God really does do the work that we are appointed to do.  The truth is that Spirit opens new doors, creates new circumstances, and gives us what we need before we even ask.  In this consciousness of grace, we can release needing, wanting or desiring and instead accept the infinite blessings that the universe is breathing through each one of us every moment of 2015.

18For the month of January, I resolve to forgive myself for everything I started to do but didn’t, wanted to do but forgot, or did do but failed to appreciate.  If I can’t do it, I won’t.  If I must do it, I’ll try.  If I don’t do it – well, there’s always next time.  The good thing about forgiveness is that we can do it right now, and it’s done. I release all obligations, all debts and all concerns of myself and others.

This relieves the burden for all of the diets we can start in one year – some of which we stick to and others that fall by the wayside as soon as we breathe the next breath.  I applaud myself for all of the diets I started last year – for all of the kale that I enjoyed grown on the roof of the Brooklyn Whole Foods organic roof garden, as well as for all of the times that I enjoyed hot wings and fries from The Wing Bar on Smith Street, fried shrimp and crab balls from The Brooklyn Crab Shack in Red Hook and pistachio ice cream from The Creamery on Union Street.

I actually love to exercise, but this resolution lets anyone off the hook who doesn’t.

28This is the month for being aware that we may be punishing ourselves for failing to be obedient or organized or perfect.  This is the season to be patient and loving – and liberate ourselves from the past.  Today I free myself from 56 years of worry, stress and strife.

For the month of February, I resolve to love, and this resolution to be the pure power of love everywhere present expresses itself right now.  This is a no-brainer: a simple truth that can be used to harmonize any situation.  I am love right now, and I love unconditionally.  The bible can be summed up in this one resolution: love.  As John said, God is love.  I allow 31the loving energy of God to express in, as and through me right now.

For the month of March, I resolve to laugh.  We can’t take ourselves too seriously.  Otherwise, we will stop the endless flow of God’s good due to our own rigidity.  When we take ourselves too seriously, we do not keep our consciousness open 33to receive the blessings that are always calling us.  We place boundaries before blessings.   But with laughter, we are blessed to not hold grudges, to wear the world as a lose garment, to refuse to worry about what others think of us.

For the month of April, I resolve to dream.  Dreaming of endless possibilities and inexhaustible supply is the gift of being alive.  This is another resolution that is not confined by 365 days; we can dream right now and be done with it.  Or we can continue to be anointed by the grace of God’s favor dreaming through us.  It’s our choice: to be given the gift of dreaming Spirit’s divine call whenever we desire.  I resolve to dream as often as I desire, stepping well beyond the 36conventionality of the box in which I thought I was limited.  Spirit gives shape to divine intention through our dreams.

For the month of May, I resolve to give.  This is the answer to the question that is always asked: what is my purpose in life?  The truth is that I am here to give.  When we are consciously aware that we are here to bless, we stop holding back our good and instead give.  Give smiles.  Give hellos.  Give thank yous and you’re welcomes.  Give encouragement, handwritten notes, high fives, subway fare, spare change.  Give secretly, for nothing in return – not even the right to say, “I gave.”  We don’t even have to keep track of when we have to give.  Giving feels39 so good that the universe will provide so many opportunities that we don’t even have to be aware of them.

For the month of June, I resolve to listen.  We are all one with the pure consciousness of God speaking everywhere present.  We just haven’t taken the time to listen.  Listening hears the whole being of God emanating as us. We listen every day to  We listen to the eternal breath of Spirit move through us as the completion of all good.  This49 resolution can be accomplished right now, in a single breath.  Breathing in, I listen.  Breathing out, I hear.  Listening has no agenda: we just are.

For the month of July, I resolve to create.  The truth is the “I” that creates is the “I AM” of God energizing, igniting and enjoying life in endless shapes, forms and dimensions.  No need to worry about the old ideas; the universe is filled with new ones.  By resolving to create, we open our consciousness to allow Spirit to co-create through us.  No need to judge our 51creations.  Creativity is bigger than us.  Whether we witness it or not, God’s good is always using us to bless others.  In the power of this resolution, we allow ourselves – here and now – to be the conduit of change and transformation.

For the month of August, I resolve to heal.  This resolution only requires the acceptance of grace.  In grace, we are whole.  In grace, we are lifted from our mats of affliction and realize that there is no sickness, illness, frailty or infirmity in the kingdom of53 God.  Right here and now, we accomplish the wholeness of Spirit and know that we are well.  We can look in the mirror of Christ consciousness and see ourselves as we really are.

For the month of September, I resolve to grow.  The humility of not knowing is a constant blessing.   I study the truth that sets me free.  The teachers that I need reveal themselves to me.  The books that I must read fall from wisdom’s shelves and open without prodding.  My eyes fall on the perfect words.  The students who bless me with guidance appear.  The journeys that I must take provide new paths.  The questions that I must raise ask themselves.  The epiphany of realization always 34blesses us.

For the month of October, I resolve to harvest.  We take advantage of so much that we have not worked for.  This is the season – right where we are – to reap what we have not sown.  We are enjoying so much for little that we take it for granted.  This season, I will open my eyes and experience each blessing: the beautiful apples, the smell of butternut squash soup, the rising of the sun, the solitude of the darkness, the tapestry of autumn leaves, the sound of waves at the shore.   Every day of the year, we can celebrate the harvest of the kingdom in whatever form or shape it takes.

For the month of November, I resolve to praise.  In fact, I praise and give thanks right now.  I give praise and thanks for health of mind, body and soul.  I give praise and thanks for my family – my marital, biological, spiritual, and work family and friends.  I give praise and thanks for the daily manna that God gives me to take care of every need.  I give praise and thanks for this country and this world and for the ability to keep everyone in the universe raised in perfect success.27

For the month of December, I resolve to enjoy.  This is not going to be a month where I look back with regret or criticism because I enjoyed life a little too much.  I saved a little less, spent a bit more or just chilled out.  I resolve here and now that I will enjoy life – every tree, every manger, every carol, every taste of pleasure created for our benefit.  This, too, will I resolve to do each month and at every opportunity.  I will visit, celebrate, cook, dance, sing, swim, hike, run, drive, write, draw, paint, participate, preach, lift, work, walk, shop, and play by enjoying life.

No-fault resolutions can’t go wrong because we are relieved from the responsibility of doing any more than what we will.  12Nothing is required except to lift up the awareness of Spirit moving through our lives each and every moment.  In this awareness: I resolve to forgive, and I let go.  I resolve to love, and I send love to the entire universe.  I resolve to laugh, and I release any pretension of being less than or more of.  I resolve to dream, and I become receptive to the endless possibilities of the universe.

I resolve to give, and I give without attachment.  I resolve to listen, and I center myself in the awareness of Spirit.  I resolve to create, and I move forward in the energy of divine ideas.  I resolve to heal and realize I am whole.  I resolve to grow and I am tuned into God’s guidance.  I resolve to harvest and I sow endless good.  I resolve to praise and every good that I bless is multiplied.  I resolve to enjoy and from now until December 31, 2015, I feel the energy of true happiness.

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