On its face, the book of Numbers is a book about the census, an accounting of the twelve Israelite tribes.  Metaphysically, Numbers is a spiritual accounting – a transition that prepares those who are newly liberated in higher consciousness to use their spiritual gifts to get to the promised land.  Each tribe represents one of our spiritual gifts.   But like the tribes in the tabernacle, our gifts must be centered in God.  When they are centered in Spirit, we realized that the Promised Land is everywhere that we are.  For the New Year, we use Numbers 1 through 16 as a fulcrum for examining these spiritual gifts in a new manner, as resolutions. We can resolve right now to use them, realizing that we are lifted in God’s grace expressing through them forever.


Slide9Slide16Slide20Slide13Slide43Slide32Slide46Slide26Slide23NUMBERS 1-16 JAN 2015Slide40

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