4“I love you” are three of the most important words in the English language.  They are so loaded that we think before we use them.  Sometimes we are afraid of what will happen if we say “I love you.”  We believe love should be reciprocal, but a love that expects a reward is not love.

Sometimes we are concerned that we are not up to the task of loving.  We wonder whether we can be as committed, 2faithful, generous, supportive, kind, or patient as loving someone requires.  Sometimes we are afraid of rejection.  We don’t want our pearls thrown back in our faces.  But true love never fears as love is the opposite of fear.  Love gives as part of the eternal soul of the universe that is always giving back without obligation or debt.

29“I love you” are words that I use more liberally as I grow in grace.  I learned to say “I love you” with complete abandon from a depth of Spirit rather than with the superficiality of the world.  “I love you” today because I may not be able to say “I love you” tomorrow or you may not be able to hear these powerful words because everything is impermanent and because no moment repeats itself.  “I love you” because at this time and in the space, we are together in every cell and molecule of 18the loving gift of Spirit.

“I love you” complete stranger to me in the flesh but you who are me in the Spirit.  Yesterday I was drawn to the middle of a subway platform where it was freezing cold and a woman who was almost 80 – according to her – with a broach on her hat and a shawl over her coat and I caught up and told secrets and shared lives for seven subway stops. I got off at Union Square to transfer to the number 4, and she got off 24to go shopping at Trader Joe’s.  I gave her my card, which I never do – as if to say, we are always here for each other in the absolute good of God that is the appearance of angels everywhere.

“I love you,” even the “you” of me who is adversarial, or stressed, or un-supportive, or jealous, or contentious, or afraid.  There is nothing in the universe that is ever deprived of the love of Spirit.

“I love you” is not merely a container of infinite supply but the holy ghost of 8endless ideas, the dream of eternal expression, and the power of each single breath that energizes us to be the image and likeness of God.

“I love you,” I say to my enemies and they dissolve into thin air.

“I love you” I tell sickness and it heals over with the scab of infinite kingdoms and 7shapes new skin and heals old bones and reaches out beyond itself to welcome new organs – whether they be gifts from those who have gone on or created from the ethers of lasting promise.

“I love you” is the cure-all flowing through every cell, muscle, vein, and organ with the pure light of eternal harmony that knows no disease.  “I love you” is the divine presence of God anointing every limb, fiber and atom of our being.

25“I love you,” I whisper inside my head to strangers in streets, highways and byways of wherever I am, and I know they are lifted up in the greatest frequency of possibility that we call one.

“I love you” from a place that defies lust or need or desire.  I love you beyond what can be contained in a box or a card or a vase.

“I love you” Spiritmuv family for finding us in the divine vibration of life – every single soul who prays or attends or gives or reads or is inspired or came or created or spoke or sang or delivered or needed the 3love that we are.

“I love you” this day and every day and throughout the ages.  Even when the world has expanded and transformed beyond time and space, “I love you” will still exist and be and feed and recreate out of a single, solitary moment because that’s just how amazing it is.

It is in this consciousness of awesome all-ness that I love you – knowing that everything we will ever be, I am and you are.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Reverend Loving

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