sweat10I was texting a friend, who happens to be in Texas.  We were venting about the insignificant stuff of life that causes us to stress – like something that appears insurmountable, or someplace that seems unsupportive, or someone else’s misguided opinion.  But when we take a step back and look at what causes us the most anxiety, it is largely a creation of our own imagination: the sickness that another human diagnoses; the negative energy of those who do not have the capacity to love themselves – much less another; sweat7the things that could possibly happen but do not.

We imagine not succeeding.  We worry about what others say.  We fret about outcomes counter to what we desire, failing to realize that the universe has a greater plan.

My friend said don’t sweat the small stuff.  Yet, God’s grace is not limited to the small stuff.  Spirit is power and thus is more powerful than the insignificant, or the trite, or the mundane, or the small stuff.  The truth is that there is no need to sweat anything – regardless of size, shape, magnitude, or dimension – because God can fix anything.

sweatI was recently at home to visit Dad in Michigan, as my mother brought him home for hospice.  I am grateful to have witnessed him, who will soon be 94, pull the oxygen line from his nose, and put on his coat and hat to accompany us on an errand.  We thought that we were going to drive him, but by some swift tactical move on his part, he ended up in the driver’s seat.

DadEarlier this week, he went to dine with the rest of his senior community and was warmly received by all of them as they watched him grow stronger and better – lifted in the Spirit of the all-ness of God.  We have to remember that the battles are not ours but God’s.  Then we don’t worry about the outcome of human decisions or impressions or opinions because God – Spirit – Divine Mind – Perfect Wholeness underlies every situation.  Today, in the loving light of wholeness, Dad drove himself to the barber shop and ran some other errands and dined with an improved appetite, awareness and victory.

sweat11God can fix disease – so that it disappears in an instant.  God can fix our bank accounts – so that we are prospered in a flash.  God can fix opportunities, so that we are blessed with amazing favor, anointing us at exactly the right time in the right place.  God can heal wounds so deep they transfix us and instead lift us above the fray with new strength and energy.  God can fix a wrong and make it a right.  God can ease pain and turn it into renewed energy and strength.


God can empower the faith of others through us, so that a single touch of our garments reveals perfect wholeness.  God can multiply the appearance of lack so what once was a few fish and loaves feeds multitudes.  God can give us daily bread until we realize that we are not our providers; our jobs are not our providers; our governments are not our providers: God is. God can raise us from the tombs of death to the joy of perfect health, and lead us away from temptation to the realm of eternal life.

sweat2There is no problem, no dilemma, no obstacle, no dissatisfaction, no drama, no peril, no pestilence, and no challenge greater than God, so there is no need to sweat the appearance or stress any strife in the world.  As Jesus Christ taught us, we are not of the world but of the greater things that we must do.

sweat5In the greater things, we don’t worry about what needs to be fixed because we know that in God, we are whole.  In the greater things, we realize that we are the expression of absolute good, a divine birthright whose image and likeness needs nothing – no hammer, no saw, no apology, no rescue, no hero, no charity – except an earnest prayer that knows we are fixed the instant that we believe.



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