Bible Overview Part Two on Palm Sunday

Lesson given by Rev. Cecilia Loving at SPIRITMUV on March 29, 2015, at the Unity Center of New York Center

This is Part Two of the Spiritual (or Metaphysical) Bible Overview, which covers part of the First Testament, told from the perspective of Palm Sunday.

Hosanna, I AM Christ Transforming as Love in Me: In this Palm Sunday, I shout the glory of God’s infinite good, knowing that my harvest is the inexhaustible supply of the universe blessing me beyond the appearances of my fate.

Nothing in this world can deny me the presence and power of God’s grace.

Hosanna, The Christ in Me is King: David symbolizes the divine consciousness of God assuming the head of our lives.
As long as I stay tapped in and turned on the infinite power of God in me nothing can interfere with my greatest good, nothing can deny me God’s favor.

Hosanna, Even If I Stumble,I Do Not Fall: I ride the colt of impatience.
I ride the colt of negative discrimination and hatred.
I ride the colt of pettiness.
I ride the colt of ego.
I ride the colt of indignation and arrogance.
I ride the colt appearances, and I am free.

Hosanna, I AM Free From Greed: How grateful God am I to be in your wholeness, to be embraced by the glory of your love shining through me.
I let go of trying to control the outcomes because I know that you are blessing me in ways that I cannot even imagine.
Hosanna, I ride the energy of your wisdom and your love.

Hosanna, I am liberated in Christ: I ride the infinite stream of grace
And allow it to heal me,
And prosper me,
And restore my good.
I ride the power of the universe radiating as the Christ in me, and through God’s power, I bring nothing but the well-stream of blessings, and healing, and grace.

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