Step 5 Across the BridgeThe other day, I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.  It was a perfect day.  The sun was shining but not too sunny.  The air was warm but also cool.  The breeze was blowing, but it wasn’t too windy.  And I could feel God as the bridge gently swayed, blowing between the cracks and crevices of simply being.  I could feel grace guiding me in the realm of absolute goodness, miracles moving me beyond gravity, and prayers lifting me so high that my feet were not touching the ground.

The Holy Spirit says I am free to be who I am.

Wherever I start does not matter.
I begin where I am.

I stop judging myself by the mistakes of the past.  They do not exist.  Each second my lungs breathe, the eternal energy of pure perfection breathes new life as me.  Each time I face a new day, the grace of God reminds me I am that I am.  I am not last year, next month, or tomorrow.  I am right where I am, a temple of Spirit blessing me as it breathes each breath. I do not have to go to God to heal.  God is every muscle, cell, bone, organ, and vessel of my being.

God blesses me right where I am – whole and well in the fitness of the kingdom.

I live, move and have my being in the wisdom of knowing what to do and how to do it.  The amazing intelligence of the universe always guides me.

Right now, in this instant, I am fit in Christ.  When I make this divine connection, my life manifests the best physical demonstration of God as me — everywhere present in my mind, body and soul.  In this demonstration of God’s power everywhere present, there is no fear or doubt – only the realization that I have accomplished my goals before I even start.

In the kingdom consciousness, God blesses every morsel of food and every drink of water and every step of fitness and every moment that I rest in release and renewal.  Right now, I accept God as my workout partner, delivering me from all excess, all worry, all need to bit off more than I can chew, all greed, all temptation, all feeling of deprecation and lack.

Step2 Balloons on the Bridge

Each moment that I move, I will realize that God and I are one.

Each moment that I pray, I will realize that my prayers are answered.

Each bite that I take, I will accept that God is food
and receive its nourishment accordingly.

I release the flow of fear and accept the presence of Spirit healing
and restoring and resurrecting me.

Who was I when I was fear?

                   How did I accept myself when I believed that I could not?

                                              Where am I when I stop moving forward?

I run though the appearance of fear
and realize that it was merely a shadow of myself,
holding back – instead of moving forward.

Moving forward is the truth of liberty,
and justice is the joy
of being right exactly where we are:
this is our ultimate independence.

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