SunsetWe are going to study the mystic Joel Goldsmith
each Tuesday at 8:30 PM. by calling 218-936-4986,
which is the Spiritmuv Conference Line
and using the 48201 Passcode.
In addition to Living By Grace, please get three other books by or on Joel Goldsmith:
The Spiritual Journey of Joel Goldsmith, The Art of Meditation, and The Art of Spiritual Healing.
Some evenings, we may just listen to Joel teach as well because we do have live tapes for our study group.
This tape is from last Tuesday’s Class on a chapter from  Living By Grace,
one of Joel’s many books and teachings on the power of the Kingdom within us.
We tap that power through meditation and prayer, and the by the eternal breath of life.
Join us as we listen to the divine within.
The music is by Peter Kater: please help us support both Peter and R. Carlos Nakai by purchasing
this powerful meditation music on i-Tunes.
The excerpted selections are called Wandering, Initiation and Service.

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