aug 5 Sometimes we are so busy going through something that we fail to realize this is the moment to be praised.

We keep sorting and sifting through the discarded minutes of yesterday – what they did or didn’t, what we should or shouldn’t, what he could or couldn’t – failing to realize that God loves us no matter what – right where we are.  Each one of us is the unfoldment of infinite blessings here and now.

The Bible teaches that when we accept God’s blessings, even evil will be transformed into good.aum 26

Walking the waters of infinite possibility is our daily test, filled with the fresh anointing of Jesus Christ in our midst.

aug1We undermine the disciples, as though we would not falter in our faith.  Each moment gives us a new opportunity to see the magnificence of God, but we often fail to praise it.

Each moment shows us how to see beyond appearances and realize for ourselves the power of righteous judgment.  Open this sacred door for yourself.

Here, in this now, is where Jesus said all you have to do is ask.

In each breath of asking, we become the expression of God’s miracles, right where we are. aug3

The door opens.

The answer is revealed.

The call is made.  The fire is fought.  The mountain moves out of the way.
And we do not hang in the balance somewhere.

We create – even out of disappointments and despair and doubt.  In those spaces where we did not know God, God shows up.  In this instant, we are delivered.

aum 27We rise from the mat of our afflictions, and we walk.
We open our eyes, and see.

God still feeds us fresh manna of unlimited salvation
– with a simple instruction:
we can only taste its revitalization
in this moment.

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