breath 10The simplest form of prayer is actually the most difficult: to be aware of being one with God without begging or pleading or whining. As our meditation practice deepens, we become aware that centering requires us to let go. When we allow God to pray in, as and through us, we realize that God doesn’t need to cajole inexhaustible supply into being because it is here. God doesn’t have to beg for a miracle because our miracles are here. God doesn’t need to implore the universe to give the pure presence and power of perfect health because wholeness is here.breath 5

Our walk to the throne of grace does not require us to stretch a single leg. When we are open to the pure consciousness of God, we find an altar of complete surrender right in our souls. When our souls are truly aware that we are Spirit, we can listen to our own breath, and hear God.

Listening to the breath and being one with the moment is grace. We don’t have to convince God of anything. God already knows.

breath 7Release is the prayer of complete surrender. In the instant that we truly release the world, we are liberated.  In the moment that we can be still, we will find – as the Psalmist said – God in us.  Lay your burdens, worries, cares, and concerns at the altar of the truth of words without speaking, and be still, and know.  Deliverance comes simultaneously with its request.  There is nothing else to want.

Entering the Kingdom is a myth that supposes it is elsewhere.  No, the Kingdom of God is here. If we really believe that, there is nothing to ask for in mind, bodyELIJAH20 or soul other than to know that the pure presence of Spirit pours as generously as the widow’s oil that will feed us through the appearance of any crisis. Even when we find ourselves wandering in the wilderness of the world, Spirit still feeds us daily. The manna is the nutritional equivalent of absolute good that pours on us exactly what we need.  Even when we are driven to the outer realm of strife and are waiting on encouragement, we like Elijah are blessed by ravens – those least expected – feeding us the bread of spiritual sustenance and the meat of divine strength.

We approach the altar of forgiveness with unconditional compassion, and we spare no one the power of Divine Love emanating from our hearts, by our touch 2touch, in our eyes, as our voice. We start by loving haters seventy-seven times, and more. We raise ourselves from the province of bitter feuds and cutthroat meanderings and touch the hem that sees in us the true meaning of peace.

What would we ask of Divine Love, whose blessings line every cell, molecule, atom, and ether of our being?  What can we ask of the Father who is in us, if we are in Him and Jesus is in us? We have already been invited to dine at a table prepared before our enemies that is so full, we can even feed them. Catch a glimpse now, if you would, of the devil walking away – praising the Lord for a world that no longer needs the illusion of contrasts to see the fullness of theirpromise land 3 salvation in the I AM THAT I AM.

When we are still enough, we know that we have all that we need, and no one and nothing can ever deprive us of it.

From where we stand in a prayer of complete surrender, we do not only see the promised land, but we realize that we are in it. We have not only found Eden, but we know it was always here. We need not look far for the vast streams and sacred soil of milk and honey because it is right beneath our feet.

breath3I come to God asking for nothing because I know that the inexhaustible supply of the universe is everywhere that I am. When we evoke the true witness of Spirit, the Holy Ghost opens the door of absolute good before we even knock.

When we come to God, and truly arrive in the splendor of glory, we know our debts are paid, our investments earn great dividends, our good never stops pouring.

In the silence of the Christ in us, we can let glory fill us with the prosperity of nothing, but its own image and likeness.



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