prayers 2This Sunday, we decided to stay in Brooklyn and cheer the power of Spirit moving through the race toward victory.

These runners are prayers that are powerful for everyone,
so miraculous that they bless everyone,
so fast that their feet do not touch the ground.
NYC 2015 Marathon
If you live in New York City,
these prayers dance like gazelles through the streets,
moving at lightning speed,
blessing us as we cheer them towards their destination.

Even the birds were perched and watching in our neighborhood near Park Slope.

Spiritmuv regularly meets in the heart of the Marathon,
at 213 West 58th Street in Manhattan,
a place where we realize we cannot move as the runners
come in because victory
cannot be contained in the confines
of streets and the crevices of flesh moving past flesh.

This is our prayer,
that we all push past resistance
to realize the love that we are –
unlimited in the presence and power of the kingdom
always expressing through every cell,
every fiber, every molecule of our being.

This is our victory.

May we run the race realizing, knowing and
believing that in the hands of God, our prayers can be answered
before they even leave our hearts.
Prayers Whose Feet Do Not Touch the Ground

Rev. Cecilia B. Loving and Rev. Marlon E. Cromwell
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