parisThe horror of watching the mindless murder and violence in Paris on November 13 reminds us that we must not only pray without ceasing, we must magnify the presence of God forever.

Our ministry is not religious.  Our vow of oneness is not as simple as kneeling every now and then on our knees.  We are required to do more than just paris32show up occasionally in church.  Our ministry is personal.  It starts by being the best that we can be to ourselves and by treating others with the same love that we crave.  Our lives depend on being the pure energy of good that never stops flowing.

The Psalmist says I will bless the Lord at all times. God’s praise will continuously be in my mouth.  But what does that mean?  How can we taste and see that the Lord is good when we witness the despair of terrorism and the hopelessness of hatred?  We allow ourselves to be used as instruments of God’s grace no matter where we are, or what we are called to do.  And we don’t stop there. We exalt the power of God, which is pure love, in our daily meditation, in our interactions with those we paris31encounter on the sacred path of life, through the creative expression of our individual callings, by the good that we do for others, as the victory we bring to each moment.

I will magnify the Lord in every step that I take.

I will never cease pouring the blessing of restoration throughout the world for all, especially for those suffering.  I will radiate peace within, through the sacred act of forgiveness.

I will start by forgiving myself and be made brand new with each breath that I take.

I will release and begin each moment with a clean slate.

I will pray the highest praise of being the divine good that my brother and my sister needs, no matter how or where or why they appear in the flesh.paris5

I will taste and be the awesome manna of grace that nourishes the soul each day.

How great it is to know that God’s eternal good never dies and the power of unconditional love is not limited by the world, or by terrorism, or violence.

But we must begin by surrendering to the impenetrable power of love that never stop blessing us.

We are the miracles that we need to overcome the fear and violence and blame that have forgotten whose image and likeness we were made.

paris6I will not judge by appearances because nothing is impossible in the divine mind of unlimited good.

The lame can walk.

The sick can rise.

The blind can see.



Even the dead can resurrect.

Instead of lingering in weariness of war, I will be peace.

I will exalt Spirit every day and every night in never-ending praise.

I will be the God of love without ceasing.

And nothing and no one will conquer my faith.

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