Spiritmuv cannot be contained inside of a box,
so we are moving forward to become a “Church in Motion.”
This means that no walls will contain our ministry.
We will find fresh new spaces, new interpretations,
new vision for the voice of the church,
which will allow you to hear God speaking in, as and through you
in a whole new way.

Where do you need to find your church?
Jesus said the kingdom is within us.
So why can’t we meet there:
one on one with the divine?
The truth takes many shapes
and entertains many appointments.
The true church is built upon a rock of faith,
and lives, moves and has its
being in us.

Each week, we will invite you to move with us,
in a new location,
in a new manner,
in a new way,
in a new time-space-reality
as the kingdom has no confines.

Categories: MOTION


  1. Spiritus blesses me so much each day. I’m excited about this season of your ministry.

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