I am the dream that King had,
the dream that Gandhi saw,
the dream that Joseph interpreted,
the dream that Jesus resurrected,
the dream that Buddha released,
the dream that Allah embodied,
the dream that Krishna loved.

I am the beginning and the end
and all in between,
the alpha and the omega
and the breath of life recreating as Spirit
moving in all directions at once.

My name is everywhere, everything and everyone.
I have no restrictions, no boundaries, no walls, no apprehension,
no fear, no pain, no hatred.
I am without doubt, without worry, without limitations.
I stop limiting myself to what I see in the flesh.
I AM more powerful than my own circumstances,
more powerful than who I believe I am,
more powerful than yesterday’s desire,
today’s goal or tomorrow’s wish.
I surpass the unsurpassable.
I outwit the miracle.
I defy the odds.
I move beyond the unimaginable.
I am stronger than prayers or answers,
more significant than time or age,
more magnanimous than victory or defeat.
I am greater than status and
education and job and society.
I am the involution and the evolution o
f God’s incredible energy and amazing likeness.

Whoever I was yesterday has already evolved
into new seasons and everlasting triumph.
Infinite possibilities, infinite potential
and inexhaustible supply
speaks me, breaths me, resonates as me – so I know.

I am manna.
I am living water.
The way, the truth and the light
are the inexplicable expression of Spirit being me.

I am the dream that King had,
a dream without borders,
a dream of even greater things
than the mere confines of the universe could ever imagine.
  I am unlimited.
I am unlimited.
I am unlimited.

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