Love cleanses our entire being.  We breathe in and out the power of love, realizing that it is our strength, our wisdom, our purpose.  We let love clean our inner and outer parts, shining a light on the presence of Spirit as us.  In this breath, we are a witness to happiness breathing us.  In this breath, we are whole.  In this breath, the universe restores our souls.  We are restored in the power to imagine, to re-envision, to re-create, to re-connect with the power and presence of success everywhere.

Love releases the toxins from all surroundings.  Love releases the fear, and the envy, and the bitterness, and the doubt.  Love penetrates all things.  Love does not distinguish between past, present or future. Love finds us in this moment of pure intention.  Love lifts us high above the gutter of worry.  Love protects us.  Love corrects all past mistakes.  Love breathes us as the whole being of this moment, in which we are the mind of the pure awareness of all that is.

Love uplifts our souls from the messiness around us.   In this breath, we release everyone and everything that is not for our highest good. We breathe in and out the infinite breath of grace.  Grace fills our being from the top of our heads through our faces, ears, eyes, noses, mouths and necks; down through our shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, and chest, through our abdomens, love flows releasing any poison, any sickness, any despair.  Love shines through our hearts, each and every beat.  Love flows through our reproductive organs, love blesses every organ, cell and molecule of our being; love blesses our glutes, hips, quads, calves ankles, toes, every single toe; love blesses the bottom of our feet.  In the light of love, we are restored, rejuvenated, recreated.
Love liberates us to be better than our best.  In love, we breathe in the awareness that as much as we are different, we are the same.  In love, breathe an honor that respects all, liberates all, expresses as all.  We seek nothing but love.  We ask for nothing but love.  We are nothing but love.  Love is good in yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Love is the pure awareness of pure joy, endless supply, and regenerative peace that we are – simply by being.
 Love liberates us to see with a new vision.  We breathe love in a space and dimension that is without limit.  In this pure awareness, we know that love gives beyond what we could ever imagine.  Love repairs beyond what we could ever give in the flesh.  Love enlightens above what we could ever see with our eyes.  It is in this vision of absolute good that we breathe the truth.  We allow ourselves to be one with that truth.  Nothing separates us from that truth. In this truth, we breathe the good that is everywhere present, a good that blesses all, restores all, liberates all.  In this good, we are free.
Love gives us a new voice.  This voice radiates throughout the past as the divine grace that liberated those who need to be set free.  This voice speaks beyond our souls to oneness of ancestors who needed to know the unlimited power of their being.  This voice defies ages and conventions and norms to vindicate injustice, to stop marginalizing the truth, to demonstrate and liberate and speak the awareness of who we are – not limited to flesh or worldly desire or momentary pleasure but in tune with the enlightenment of pure manifestation – a good that is always attempting to manifest our perfect health, inexhaustible supply and divine ideas.

Love realizes that the enemy is anything we allow to make us believe that it is in charge.  Nothing is in charge, nothing is in power but the pure energy of love.  In this breath, we release all fear that would create our enemy.  In this breath, we release the so-called enemy.  We let it go: the enemy called envy, the enemy called fear, the enemy called hatred, the enemy called sadness, the enemy called depression, the enemy called dis-ease, the enemy called bullying, the enemy called fear, and we realize in this breath that the enemy never was or ever will be.

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