Miracles are signs that we have chosen to be led by Spirit – not merely to receive but to give. Giving lies at the heart of miracles, as they are not merely for us but for others. Miracles are part of our spiritual DNA. We are here to help them manifest.

The direction and purpose of our miracles are not up to us. We are guided by the Holy Spirit. We cannot distort or minimize the power of miracles. The course says that it is not up to us: we cannot mess up our ability to be miraculous: “Whatever lies you may believe are of no concern to the miracle, which can heal any of them with equal ease. It makes no distinctions as there is no order of difficulty in miracles.”

“[T]he Bible says that a deep sleep fell upon Adam, and nowhere is there reference to his waking up. The world has not yet experienced any comprehensive reawakening or rebirth. Such a rebirth is impossible as long as you continue to project or miscreate. It still remains within you, however, to extend as God extended His Spirit to you. In reality, this is your only choice, because your free will was given you for your joy in creating the perfect.”

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