The Grace of Miracles – Part 2-3 – “Every Situation is an Opportunity for Good”

“The correction of fear is your responsibility. When you ask for release from fear, you are implying that it is not. You should ask, instead, for help in the conditions that have brought the fear about. These conditions always entail a willingness to be separate . . . . Before you choose to do anything, ask me if your choice is in accord with mine. If you are sure that it is, there will be no fear.”

A Course in Miracles
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Time, age, difficulty, anything imposed by appearances does not matter. “The miracle substitutes for learning that might have taken thousands of years. It does so by the underlying recognition of perfect equality of giver and receiver on which the miracle rests.”

A Course in Miracles
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“The power to work miracles belongs to you. . . . [Y]ou must be ready and willing. Doing them will bring conviction in the ability because conviction comes through accomplishment. The ability is the potential, the achievement is its expression, and the Atonement, which is the natural profession of the children of God, is the purpose.”

A Course in Miracles
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“It is pointless to believe that controlling the outcome of misthought can result in healing. When you are fearful, you have chosen wrongly. That is why you feel responsible for it. You must change your mind, not your behavior, and this is a matter of willingness. You do not need guidance except at the mind level. Correction belongs only at the level where change is possible. Change does not mean anything at the symptom level, where it cannot work.”

A Course in Miracles
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Miracles are a witness to truth.

A Course in Miracles
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