The Grace of Miracles – Part 14 – Section 2 – “The Light of Truth”

A Course in Miracles says the “quiet light in which the Holy Spirit dwells within you is perfect openness, where nothing is hidden, and nothing is fearful. Attack will always yield to love if it is brought to love, not hidden from it. There is no darkness that the light of love will not dispel.”

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“The Holy Spirit asks of you but this; bring to Spirit every secret you have locked away. Open every door to and bid Spirit enter the darkness and lighten it away. At your request, Spirit enters gladly. Spirit brings the light to darkness if you make the darkness open. But what you hide Spirit cannot look upon. Bring, therefore, all your dark and secret thoughts and look upon them with Spirit. Spirit holds the light, and you the darkness. They cannot coexist when both of You together look on them. Love’s judgment must prevail, and Love will give it to you as you join your perception to Spirit.”

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“The holy meeting place of the unseparated Father and Son lies in the Holy Spirit and in you.”

A Course in Miracles
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