The Board

Minister Marlon Cromwell is our Worship Leader, Technical Director and Head Deacon.  Marlon has been a dedicated member of Spiritmuv since its inception in 2007.  He is a candidate for his Masters of Divinity from New York Theological seminary, which he expects to receive in 2013.

Raquiba LaBrie is the Prayer Leader of Spiritmuv.  She has been attending Spiritmuv services since 2007 and is one of its most important stewards.  A specialist in tax exempt work, Raquiba is a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Law School.

Elizabeth Walker is the Membership Minister for Spiritmuv.  Liz is one of its most committed members.  She shares scripture every Sunday — when she is not traveling abroad or working on a high profile case.

Lauren Cesare is the Legal Minister for Spiritmuv.  With a specialty in tax exempt organizations, she provides leadership in making sound business decisions.

Maurice Brown is the Spiritmuv Marketing Leader.  Maurice is the contact person for Spiritmuv Public Relations.  Having attended Howard University’s Business School, Maurice is now a candidate for his MBA at Fordham University.

Cecilia Loving is the Pastor, President and Founder of Spiritmuv, as well as its Social Media Minister.


SPIRITMUV is grateful for and blesses each one of its board members — seeing their lives unfold with perfect health, harmony and prosperity.

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